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Hello my peeps, Im not selling these locks… only showing my purchase. I just got them Amazon yesterday (June 26, 2019) and I’m impressed with the lock.  They are on Amazon and they run for about ten bucks each Canadian ($20 for a pack of two) 

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!!!… (Gives more detail)

You can see the LARGE digits are quite easy to read and at the zero mark you can see there’s a big TAB sticking out.


It is important to have at least five digits which gives a hundred thousand possibilities, and gives the crook up to a hundred thousand possibilities, and at 50,000 seconds, at 2 seconds per try that would come out to about 14 hours so I can take a while course they’re not going to have to try every number but they’re going to think they do so they don’t know when they’re going to hit the jackpot so 14 hour is it once you start going through the combinations it starts feeling like it’s going to take forever.  Most Crooks don’t want to hang around in case there’s cameras around.


So it’s great to have the the 5-digits… if you have like a three-digit luggage lock 999 digits they’ve got like 500 seconds so,  like 80 minutes if they sat there and did it but they wouldn’t probably have to do every combination cuz you probably don’t have the set to the very last number they would try but even if they think they have to they can do it in you don’t 80 minutes it might just or you even have that time they might just sit there and try it so anyways to have 5 digits really increases. 


This lock is quite hefty… it’s about the weight of a pound of butter is about 0.8 pounds.and has a 1-year warranty.   I’m not selling these things but I was impressed with what I got in the mail have t lock with good Amazon reviews and that’s where I got it.


I had a bit of a time setting this lock because I thought what it was saying was “if you’ll take a look on the end of this thing you can see there’s a little bit of an indent where it says “reset” one way and so it actually says reset on there and has a bit of a turn thing” so I was getting a little pen and trying to turn the indent, but that’s not the way you do it. (See Video).


What you do is rotate the WHOLE end piece (see YouTube)…  When set to new combination… take a picture of it because cuz you might just have set it to something else by mistake.  You can delete the photo after you get this thing working and tested, but I personally, DID set it to something I didn’t know and luckily I got it back again but you can basically lock yourself out of the lock unless you want to sit there for hours and hours and hours trying to get the number back but I don’t think you would find it worth it!


Okay, the other thing I just wanted to show you that couple other hints is to spray some sort of lubricant into the lock. They say it’s anti-rust and there’s a one year warranty but if you open this up and maybe spray some lubricant I’m going to use a silicone spray that I have and I’m going to spray it into there and turn it so that it gets into the Tumblers of it not something cuz I’m going to be using this on a shed outside, so I want to make sure that it doesn’t seize up.


IF it does seize up, it’s nice that it has these tabs on it that makes it easier to crank the rings around. I’m hoping I don’t have to.


Anyways that’s my story on this lock.   It is shipped by Amazon so I got a very quickly. 


If you walk away from the lock after you open the shed, locker, whatever… you take the snow blower out, take the bicycle out, and you go for a jaunt, don’t leave the lock in the unlocked position because then you’re showing people the code…  so just switch the code by a couple of digits, and then when you come back, it’s quick to open again.


It’s great not having to go inside to get the key, look for the key, lose the key, whatever… the actual reason I got these locks was because I couldn’t find the key for the padlock that I had. 


Anyways, I hope you found this article and YouTube interesting. Let me know how you make out by liking, leave a thumbs-up, subscribe, and/or visit me at FredsTipsAndTricks.COM.



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