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Syncovery is the Swiss-Army-Knife of the ‘backup and sync’ world, allowing you to EASILY set up REPEATABLE sets of backups, called “profiles” that you can run either “manually” (whenever you want to run it), and also “schedule” one or more profiles so you don’t forget to backup those important files, whether photos, videos, drawings, programs, ANYTHING!!…
SY can backup and sync from practically ANYWHERE TO ANYWHERE (such as your hard drive, to and external hard drive, a thumb drive, as well as to the CLOUD (which is any place outside of your home or business), such as Google Drive, Amazon, Dropbox, DigitalOcean droplet or other Virtual Private Server…
You can start SIMPLE and go to extremely detailed control, by fine-tuning your profiles, and EVEN BEYOND that, for extremely unique cases, by running PascalScripts, which you can either run yourself, or have created (usually for free) by Syncovery’s programmer, Tobias.
Be sure to visit me at, where i provide video and blogs to help you get Syncovery running, give you tons of PRACTICAL tips (from backups and sync’s that I personally use and set up, AND… you can SAVE MONEY on your purchase of Syncovery.
Fred here…

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