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AtriaMD Overview

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Hi everyone I’m (author) a family doctor practicing in Toronto.  I’ve got a lot of interest on Facebook thanks a lot to everyone who’s expressed interest.  I’m pretty excited and hopefully this (AtriaMD Web App) is something that will that you’ll find you want to try so I’m just making this video to show a little bit more detail about about the app and how it works.
I’ve called it AtriaMD and the basic idea is that it allows the patient to enter the reason for visit and then gather routine robotic elements of the HPI related to things like positive or negative risk factors aggravating and alleviating factors and so on.

American got a past medical history and medication list for new patients and then it condenses those responses and provides a summary for the position it’s the same since friendly that you can at this point copy from the Otten DMR and then when you’re in the room with the patient you can read through confirmed for accuracy modify as needed and then, that’s the bulk of your subjective objective section and then it’s you’re just left with the and as time goes forward I could you know integrate more features that help with those sections with right now is very focussed on this objective section in the main benefits do you would be the documentation obviously but you’d also have a patient who has been more prepared for your visit has been sort of crime the boat you know Owen did it start and what is making it worse than just sort of thought about those things so it makes for a smoother and faster visits and and so I do have a demo website that shows how things work from the patient’s perspective in terms of the logic and adapting to put the patient’s put in and freedom documentation but doesn’t really show how things work from the positions side and protecting the patient’s privacy and that kind of thing so that’s why the basic concept is that you’re admitted students will generate a unique ID and URL for each patient’s you send the patient that URL link my text or email and then the responses come back to you tied to that link but that idea is not attached to any patient identifiers like name or birthdate identified outside of the outside world and then your admin assistant keeps track of which patients which ID within the app goes with which patient in the real world you can put in chart numbers on the app to help facilitate that since only people in your EMR will know which number goes with which patient or you can keep a separate login they sell or or pencil if you want to show you how it works okay so on the very right you’ll see a simulation of the patient’s phone I’ll come back to that in a second but on the less you see the screen of the admin assistants so on the left there you have the provider dashboard which allows given assistant to create and manage the patient’s IDs and on the right is would be where the EMR apple on so you could use a chart number or if you wanted some initials hear anything that’s not a unique identifier to the patients and so you can choose choose I just general questions or you could do Co Ghent screening or a combination of the two you can skip some demographic questions by selecting a demographic in here and if the patients being here before you can skip some of the best med-e-ox Jerry medication questions create the ID that creates the new ID and a URL that’s generated for your patience you can send that to the patient either by smartphone SMS down here for you can send it to my email so I’ll just use the testing facility here on their screen on so I’ll show you quickly just the patient’s going through that you will be able to see this in more detail if you use the live demo so I’ll go through it fairly quickly so we just put in cough and a soda answered no to all the pertinent pertinent negative and that kind of thing do that at least you as well I be showing up down here under finished and you’ll know which ID which patient matches this ID it’s like cuz you to see is the summary of the responses you can copy that into the appropriate patients charts and then clear the clipboard to make sure it gets coffee elsewhere and delete the patients and not completely removed all the patient data from from the app that’s the basic workflow also address a couple of questions that I anticipate from from you guys friends of cost there is no cost to use the app at this point medium-to-long-term I would like to monetize it in some way I hope that it’s a enough benefit to you that you’d be willing to pay for it since Justified me spending more time on it but for now at least for the first you know users who would like to try it and when I can and get active with it I will allow you don’t be letting you use it for free of charge and you know I’d appreciate any support and feedback that you can provide and so I will create a new Facebook group for those who are interested in following me for trying it and just to keep things off of the first five years for him to respect their space and so if you guys have any questions or you’re interested in looking into this further in terms of you using it with patience in your clinic get in contact with me that you can either respond on Facebook or you can email me at atria Calvin at Atrium video and hopefully we’ve 

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